Golden retrievers,  AKC Registered  – Our   Puppies have gone to Mississippi, Alabama. Arkansas, Maine, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, and Kentucky, Florida  and  Connecticut. We began breeding golden’s in 2016,  our 1st red golden Lacey came into our lives from Santa back in 2000 an was beside me an my family for 12 years, never missed a trip with us, cause when the  suitcase got packed she was waiting at the door, she loved us all and it broke all of our hearts when it was her time to leave us, but she has a special place in our home on a shelf  to be forever remembered. 

Contact Info: call or text (662)882-9956

: Full Akc registration Price $850.00  Limited Akc registration will be $700.00,  A non-refundable deposit* of $200.00 is required to hold an reserve your puppy, with balance less deposit due at pickup.

2020 Litters:
Deposits received: Females: 1st pick: Stephen, 2nd pick: Dale, 3rd: Samantha 4: Parker  5th: Lindsey 6th: Rebecca

Males: 1st pick: Anna, 2nd pick: Lauren/Patrick 3rd: Lauren B, 4th Brad

December Litter: Females: 1st pick: Jason and Katie, 2nd pick: Doug, 3rd: Rachel/Noah 4th: Peggie – male or female

Males: 1st pick: Jason and Katie, 2nd pick: Mavis, 3rd pick: Grace, 4th: Emily 5th: Memory

Puppy reservation:  we accept non-refundable deposits* on our puppies, after receiving your deposit you will be put on the reserved list,  and  picking order comes from the order I receive  the deposits.   We will have a puppy pick day at 7-8 weeks of age on a Saturday at different times starting with 1st pick for both males and females, that’s if you have not chosen yours prior by pictures or videos,  If you haven’t chosen by pictures or video’ s an can’t make it to pick up day we will help you choose one based on your preferences.  Puppies delivered to you will have to be chosen by pictures or video’s in order of deposit picks. Everyone has a preference of male or female and maybe color or size being the next  most important decision in choosing your puppy,  so being able to reserve a male or female is your first choice, and then being able to choose from the available puppies in the  litter is important to you as the buyer.   Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of love, hugs ,and kisses,  wormed and 1st shots. Puppies will Be ready 7-8 weeks of age and after they have received their 1st shots an are fully weaned,  if not picked up after 8 weeks there will be a charge for extra wormings an shots and kennel fees that will be due, I understand there might be a vacation planned etc., that might be needed to work around.   Puppies go home with a litter-mom scent blanket, a toy, and a box of puppy chow. I do not ship by air but will ship door to door at buyers expense at 8 weeks, I can get you a quote for shipping or you can get one of your own,  and within a reasonable area meet for .30 per mile. We are located in Northern Mississippi, but are close to Tennessee, Arkansas and Alabama

*Deposit is non-refundable, but if the litter happens to not  have what you reserved the non-refundable  deposit can be put toward next litter due or refunded. If something unexpected comes up the Deposit can be put toward another litter.

 I accept Pay Pal (please use between family & friends (no fees charged to me) the quickest way to get you on reserved list,  if you do  not use friends and family- please add 3% to your deposit to cover fees charged to me by pay pal, by cash or  a check  on deposits only,     Please contact me for my pay pal information prior to making deposit or my address for mailing.    Deposit:  $200.00, after deposit is received I will send you a receipt an you are put on the reserved list .

FINAL PAYMENT  is accepted by Pay pal ( same as above applies if not using friends and family, please add 3% for fees charged to me by pay pal) prior to pickup or cash only at pickup, No checks.

After deposit is made, you are welcome to make weekly payments to help with the expense of buying your puppy until pickup.

Moma’s get oxymate at breeding until birth, I also use the Misty Method for potty training the puppies beginning at 3 weeks, making it easier for new owner to potty train their new puppy. They will also start learning to use doggie door from my bedroom where they are born an raised to play area following mom. I worm at 2,4 weeks with vet wormer an 6 weeks for 3 days with panacur c for worms an giardia preventative, they will be given a coccidia prevention as soon as they start eating on their own, hopefully to prevent this from showing  up from stress when they leave here for their new homes,  1st shots are given at 6 weeks.

Golden’s do make great family pets, but it takes a lot of time to get there, crate training is best, starting out slowly, don’t expect or require them to be crated all day an night, it’s not fair to them, they can’t hold their bladder, etc for long periods of time, they require love an training an exercise. They learn by repeating it over an over till one day they get it, patience, time an training will get them to that point of being the best, an in return you get love, faithfulness, companionship an a friend for life by your side.